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Summit | 8.29.20 Political Healers Digital Issues Summit

Updated: Aug 23

Join Capital Region Stans Up and PA Stands Up Deputy Exectuive Director Mich Lovegood for a very special event!

Political Healers join from around the country for a groundbreaking two-day digital issue summit! In the Political Healers Project, we are charged with using our skills and wisdom to center the healing and restoration of our communities through a dedicated, rigorous and heart centered political analysis and organizing practice. Each one of us uses our skills, talents and hard work on and off-stage to create real lasting change, but when push comes to shove, whose work is swept out of the budget and to the sidelines time and time again? We are reclaiming our time, our work and our stories by putting Political Healers front and center throughout our campaigns, actions, strategies and we are demanding that our stories be told.

This is a two-day online summit that will be facilitated through Zoom. We request that you commit to attend for the full two-days -- Saturday, August 29 & Sunday, August 30, 2-5:30p ET both days. Registration for this summit is $20 to cover the cost of our labor and raise funds for the ongoing work of Political Healers. We will not turn anyone away--please contact us if you are interested in a scholarship or if you are owning class and willing to share resources with the collective.

Saturday, August 29th 2-5:30pm ET Grounding in Our Truth: Political Healers at Work Within the context of understanding ritual and cultural trauma, Day 1 of the summit will focus on political education and on providing the historical context of issues impacting our communities - from who profits to how communities are impacted, from short-term issue cuts, to long-term strategic reform.

Sunday, August 30 2-5:30pm ET Reclaiming Our Voice: Political Healers in Action Day 2 will be contextualized inside of the Political Healers directive on public memory. Public memory is the ways in which society systemically remembers and forgets events. This day of the summit will focus on building narrative skills -- telling the story of self and the story of “we” as they relate to climate equity, healthcare, housing, mass liberation and reproductive justice.

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