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Perry Opposes Violence Against Women Act

Rep. Scott Perry (PA-10) voted on on Wednesday to oppose the re-authorization of the 1994 Violence Against Women Act, legislation that strengthens protections for victims and survivors of domestic violence. The legislation, originally authored by now-President Joe Biden when he was a Senator 25+ years ago, was reauthorized several times in the decades since, but lapsed when a Republican-led Senate quashed it in 2019.

Rep. Scott Perry was one of 172 Republican members who voted against the legislation. The only member of the PAGOP delegation to support the re-authorization was Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-01). For full voting details, click here.

Rep. Perry pretends to be an ally to women, but when it matters (particularly on the day following a horrific hate crime targeting women of color) his votes reveal his true attitude. Rep. Perry, along with his 171 GOP colleagues, must be held accountable for their votes which will endanger the lives of women in Pennsylvania's 10th Congressional District.

Click here to tell Rep. Perry that his vote disrespects, devalues, and dehumanizes women. Hold him accountable for his misogyny.

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