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House Passes People's Bailout

By a vote of 219-212, the House voted to pass H.R. 1319, the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 in the early hours of Saturday, February 27. All members of Pennsylvania's Democratic House caucus voted to support the bill; all members of Pennsylvania's Republican House caucus voted to oppose it. The bill calls for $1.9 trillion in relief and includes a much-anticipated $15 per hour minimum wage. PA Stands Up's Executive Director Hannah Laurison applauded the bill's passage in the House, calling it "a significant down-payment from Democrats to working families." The bill moves on now to the Senate where it faces a tougher challenge. Laurison called on Senators Casey and Toomey to work with the Biden Administration to fast-track passage and to fight to retain critical provisions

included in the House version of the bill. "Working class Pennsylvanians voting next year to send a new US Senator to Washington need to see Democrats deliver for us," Laurison said. "There can be no delays and no excuses."

Contact Senator Bob Casey here. Contact Senator Pat Toomey here.