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CRSU Statement on the National Crisis of Racist Policing

Capital Region Stands Up grieves the senseless death of 20-year-old Daunte Wright during a routine traffic stop outside of Minneapolis this week and stands in outrage with our Black sisters and brothers over this latest example of blatant racist, violent policing. We lift up the powerful words of PA Stands Up's Dom Holmes:

“We are mourning and angry for the unjust taking of Daunte

Wright’s life last night in Minnesota. Daunte Wright’s murder highlights once again the history of racist, violent policing we face in this country.

“Taking place just miles from where Derrick Chauvin is on trial for murdering George Floyd last summer, this murder during a routine traffic stop highlights the on-going, everyday nature of the crisis of police violence against Black and brown people. Wright’s murder is painfully familiar to many communities across Pennsylvania, from the killing of Ricardo Munoz in Lancaster in September to Walter Wallace Jr.’s murder by police in Philadelphia in October, to Christian Hall’s killing in the Monroe County in December, and most recently Stephen Hughes killing in Berks County last month.

“We cannot trust police and juries to change the system. We call on our lawmakers to protect us to no avail. What are we left to do to protect ourselves against murderous cops and the racist system that breeds and protects them? Daunte made a phone call to his mother, George Floyd called out to his, it is a sense of hopelessness that is all too familiar.”

“We stand in solidarity with Daunte Wright’s family, including his one-year-old son Daunte Jr., and with all those in the streets demanding justice and mourning Daunte’s death and the on-going crisis of racism and policing in this country.”

Capital Region Stands Up calls on our elected representatives in Harrisburg and Washington to craft meaningful legislation that will redefine public safety and accountability and ensure a future where we all can be connected, represented, and free.

Capital Region Stands Up's Racial Justice in Policing Work Group is working to make real changes to police practices and procedures in communities throughout south-central Pennsylvania. To find out how you can work to effect police reform in your community, contact CRSU's Mike Alsher at