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9 Candidates Endorsed in 2020 by CRSU Members

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Capital Region Stands Up members endorse 9 candidates for 2020 elections, including Eugene Depasquale, Shanna Danielson, George Scott, Tara Shakespeare, Nicole Miller and Patty Smith.

Camp Hill, PA -- Capital Region Stands Up (CRSU) is endorsing 9 candidates in 2020 for local office who will work to improve the lives of families and our communities as we move forward to recover from the pandemic and the economic distress that it has caused. These candidates will also work to ensure that our recovery includes everyone and take on the structural racism that has been starkly revealed by the disproportionate impacts of the disease and the economic pain on communities of color. They are best equipped to address the concerns of families and workers, and serve as a balance against the interests of powerful corporations.

Capital Region Stands Up 2020 Endorsed Candidates:

Eugene DePasquale, 10th Congressional District

George Scott, PA Senate District 15

Shanna Danielson, PA Senate District 31

Nicole Miller, PA House District 87

Tara Shakespeare, PA House District 88

Doug Ross, PA House District 92

Patty Smith, PA House District 104

Brittany Rodas, PA House District 105

Lindsey Drew, PA House District 106

“Our members chose to endorse these candidates because of their commitment to ensuring a quality public education for every child, providing access to affordable health care, protecting the environment and fighting for a safe climate, guaranteeing fair pay for hard work, and working to dismantle institutional racism." says Alissa Packer, a member of CRSU’s leadership team. “Our members, all volunteers, will be putting in countless hours to get these candidates elected."

“In this unprecedented election year, it is crucial that the voters in our region understand the importance of local races,” says Kathy Yorkievitz, also on the leadership team. “We need change from the bottom up to truly bring about the positive future we owe to our children and to everyone trying to build better communities for our families."

CRSU held forums to which all candidates for these offices were invited, sent all candidates questionnaires inquiring about their positions on key issues, and invited them to speak to our members. The endorsements were decided by an online vote by the members.

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