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Direct Action Team

Attend, plan and marshall rallies

Write postcards to neighboring constituents

Lobby public officials and write letters to the editor

Become a pollworker

Phone & Text Banking Team

Call voters to connect around key issues


Support endorsed candidates in on of the most effective forms of voter outreach

Help plan and conduct phone bank launches

Voter Registration Team

Register voters online and in person

Plan and hold voter registration events

Learn the laws, train volunteers and find opportunities to table

Membership & Supporter Outreach Team

Support membership recruitment and new member orientation process

Maintain membership, volunteer, meeting and attendance records

Coordinate with team leads on member leadership development

Narrative Squad

Communicate with members, supporters and volunteers

Implement narrative strategy into daily communications via website, social media and other forms of communication

Coordinate with Phone and Text Banking Team to draft scripts

Black Lives Matter Municipal Campaign

The Black Lives Matter Municipal Campaign started by holding Cumberland County Officials accountable to new agreements that protect black lives.


We are looking for leaders throughout the Capital Region who can help identify local public offices and elected officials, build local teams and spearhead change in your community.

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